Top ERP Software in Singapore September 2, 2019

We are in the digital era, and technology is the daily way of life. And we have to embrace it whether we like it or not. Technology makes activities get done in a faster and more efficient manner. For this reason, more and more vendors turn to ERP systems for the solution. In Singapore, the number of ERP vendors have greatly increased over the years. The question to ask, however, is; how do you know which ERP system is the best. This is what this article is all about. If you’re in Singapore and are looking for the best ERPs the market has to offer, here is our top list


EQUIP, an ERP Software by HASHMICRO boasts of being one of the best ERP Software in the current Singapore. Numerous industries are covered with it, from essential industries like transport and Human Resource Management, to specific ones such as Engineering and Education. One great thing about EQUIP is that it offers unlimited license which makes its implementation and maintenance cost very cheap. In addition, it super-fast and also always up to date. You get updates on the latest technology and nothing without your awareness.

Synergix Technology

For the best software for small and medium sized businesses, Synergix is a great option to go for. It was developed in the year 1990, and with almost 30 years’ experience, they are prodigies in the game. Its founder is one Mr. Koh Yang. The software covers various industries which are inclusive of the following; transport, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Marine, and Architecture. The software also has lots of great offers that you will appreciate.

MSC Consulting

MSC prides itself in providing ERP for fast-growing enterprises. They cater to various types of enterprise solution for many industries such as manufacturing, service, warehouse and logistic and retails. They seek every possibility to simplify your business routine and automate updates of activities to the Enterprise Resource Planning system to reduce manual effort and save paper.

MSC also specializes in Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Enterprise Mobility Solutions. MSC Consulting helps companies gain competitive advantages by eliminating duplications and creating synergies using strategic solutions. This has proven to empower companies and enterprises with the robustness to better anticipate and respond to market:

Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite accommodates a wide range of businesses from small to mega ones. Its servies span over transport industry, to manufacturing and financial services. As a top ERP software that Singapore has, Oracle Netsuite offers its customers features which provide the entire business with visibility. It is able to optimize your business bills, revenues as well as improve projects management.

This ERP software was founded and has its headquarters in California, USA. However, its operations are extended worldwide to countries like France. Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.


Last but not least is Tigernix. Developed in 2006, it has more than 200 customers. Its headquarters are n Singapore but has other branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Sri Lanka. Tigernix boasts of an environmental-friendly technology that makes use of efficient energy and low voltage. With this, the levels of carbon emissions and energy requirements are highly reduced. Tigernix donates its proceeds towards helping environmental initiatives.


The above listed ERP software are the best in Singapore. They have been in the market for a while, and so they know their way around. If you are looking for high quality and performing performances, they are the ones to turn to.

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