ERP software and its utility in accounting July 18, 2017

The way we run finance processes in a company has changed over the years. Previously, it was done manually by accountants or administrative staff, but increasingly it is being done with the use of automation software. In the past, net profit was always used as a gauge to whether a company will survive and grow, but this is increasingly an outdated concept. What is more significant now is how efficient a company’s operations are.

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The importance of finance in a company:

One cannot run a business with money, hence it is indispensable in a business. How long a business will last, how fast it will grow is all dependent on how much profit the business is making and what is the percentage of loss that the business is running into. The process of calculating the loss percentage in comparison to the profit is what makes up the accounting process. This process is what is known as the finance of a company. Finance teams are like the backbone of the company. Hence they are one of the most important departments of the company. The finance team plays both external role in calculating the revenue of the company as well as the internal role in calculating and distributing the salary of the employees.

It is very important that every year strategic decisions are taken regarding the effective management of finance. Finance function has to be formulated and designed in a manner that the company has a cutting edge over its peers and competitors. The finance team must be skilled in effectively driving the strategy, negotiating with stakeholders from outside and organizing and streamlining the finance process to ensure that the organization can be adapt to changing times.

ERP and accounting:

In order to ensure effective management of the finance, one must ensure that the accounting process is well in place. ERP accounting has been in place for a long time. ERP software ensures that data from varied sources is collected and fed into the ERP accounting software for it to get processed. For this process to be in place, one must use some efficient financial software. Thus one must ensure that one gets a software that is tried and tested and would ensure the company to reach new heights.

ERP software Singapore gives the team access to important business analytics and intelligence tools that help the company to reap maximum profit and growth by planning efficiently and judiciously. SAP Business One is one such ERP software that helps companies to plan their budget by tracking their expenses. This, in turn, helps the companies to get a better picture of their economic status and thereby convey an accurate picture to the investors, regulators, creditors and managers. This, in turn, helps the company to take correct and judicious decisions at the right time.


In conclusion, how efficient a company is run plays a big part in how profitable it will be. The usual net profit margins, while a good indicator, are not the sole indicator one should look at for a company’s potential. The quality of automation software also affects how well the company will do in the future.

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